Pain Management

Our four-legged family members feel pain in much the same way people do, and Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital strives to keep them as comfortable as possible when they may be hurting. There are many reasons an animal may be in pain, including surgical procedures, accidents, osteoarthritis, hip and joint discomfort, and terminal illnesses. If your pet may be in pain due to any of these conditions, or others not listed, please schedule an appointment with one of the caring doctors at Alford.

Pain medications may be administered by our clinic initially, and may continue at your home with one of the products available in our pharmacy. Depending on the issue, our veterinarians will create a pain management plan specifically for your pet and their needs.

Drug-free options for pain management are also available. Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer our clients laser therapy that may be appropriate in some cases for pain relief.