Nutritional Counseling

More than 50% of domesticated pets are obese in the United States. This is due to numerous factors such as: portion control, treats, table food and inadequate exercise. Animals are natural scavengers and will always take food when they see it or are offered it due to instinct. If food is regularly offered, of course your pet will put on a few pounds. A few pounds to a small dog or cat is the equivalent to 30 or 40 pounds to a human! Another dangerous factor when offering table food to your pet is that they cannot digest human food like we do. They do not possess the same digestive enzymes as humans and this can lead to illness.

Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital considers nutritional counseling an important part of keeping their pets healthy. If your pet is overweight, the veterinarian and staff may recommend several options for getting them back into fighting shape. These options usually fall in two categories: portion control and exercise. You will receive a plan to get your pet down in weight and up in activity that is easy to follow and beneficial to you and your beloved animal companion!