Many issues facing sick pets cannot be found by our doctors conducting a physical exam alone. Blood work, including complete blood counts (CBC), blood chemistries, and electrolyte levels, can often tell us more about what is bothering your furry friend. For this reason Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital has invested in the most advanced diagnostic laboratory in veterinary medicine, and it is available at our clinic when your pet is sick or requires blood work. Our experienced doctors recommend running blood work any time a pet may be sick, facing surgery, and for preventative medicine in order to find possible issues before they become problems for your pet.

The complete blood count (CBC) analyzer at Alford is an advanced unit that provides an assessment of the overall health of a dog or cat. A CBC can indicate a large number of potential issues including anemia, dehydration, allergy, inflammation, parasitic disease and leukemia. The blood chemistry unit at Alford is designed to provide our doctors information regarding the organ function of a pet. Blood samples run on our analyzer can determine how well an animal’s liver and kidneys are functioning. Also, electrolyte levels can be determined at Alford as well, and help our doctors determine if a pet may be suffering from dehydration and is in need of fluids. Finally, a urinalysis can be performed here in our clinic to determine if a cat or dog may have early renal (kidney) disease.

Diagnostic lab work is essential for many patients seen at Alford Avenue. Our system in our clinic is precise and fast, meaning our doctors can have accurate answers quickly, so treatment can begin right away if necessary. If your pet is facing a surgical procedure or exhibit behavior changes where they simply are not their usual playful selves, blood work can be beneficial to determine if they may be suffering from an underlying ailment. Call the caring team at Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital to determine if your pet may benefit from diagnostic blood work.