Digital Radiography & Ultrasound

Radiography is an integral part of a veterinary practice. Our clients more commonly know it as x-ray. Doctors use x-ray technology to diagnose broken bones, organ enlargement, foreign object identification and even guidance during surgical procedures. Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital has been using x-ray as a diagnostic tool for years and takes our service one step further by utilizing digital x-ray programs. By being digital, our veterinarian is able to enlarge the x-ray to examine even the smallest of fractures, or enhance the contrast so that tumors stand out easily. Another advantage to being digital is the ability to email the images to a specialist so that a diagnosis is made available with one visit rather than multiple visits.

Ultrasound is a form of diagnostic technology that has advanced the way doctors in human and animal medicine treat patients. Ultrasound uses very low doses of radiation to form images on a screen of internal organs, cardiovascular systems and even muscle tissue. The staff at Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital is able to use ultrasound to identify low functioning organs, tissue texture, tumor placement, and even pregnancy ultrasounds. Our staff use ultrasound in conjunction with x-ray technology and lab work to quickly and affectively diagnose your pet.

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