Hospice & Euthanasia

Over the years our pets become part of our family and we even tend to think of them as our children. Therefore it seems likely that if your pet becomes sick and no treatment is available then hospice care will be needed. Hospice care essentially means that your veterinarian will not take any steps to cure the sickness, but rather treat the symptoms. Your pet will be kept comfortable and most likely pain-free. Hospice treatment is a wonderful way to ease you and your family towards saying good-bye to your beloved furry family member.

Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital considers itself a full-care treatment facility. We strive to take care of your animal from the beginning of their life to the end of their life. If you and your veterinarian decide that having your pet “put to sleep” is the step that is needed to help them become pain free then several things will happen. During the entire process you are able to stay with your pet while they pass from this world to the next. Several medications are given that will sedate your pet, then slow their breathing down and finally one to stop their heart. It is a very peaceful way to pass and your pet feels no pain or fear. We will stay with you throughout the procedure and will allow you to grieve as long as needed.