Laser Therapy

Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital is pleased to offer laser therapy to assist our patients in helping to treat their pain. Laser therapy uses pockets of laser energy to speed up the regeneration of cells which can help in relieving pain on a cellular level. If your pet is suffering from long term conditions such as arthritis, degenerative joint disease, inflammatory issues or even cancer, then laser therapy can help relieve pain they may be feeling. It is usually done in several sessions lasting about 10 minutes a piece. During this time the laser will be directed at the area of concern and your pet should feel no ill effects from the treatment. In fact, they may perk up right after treatment due to being pain-free! Laser therapy also aids in healing from major surgery by helping the cells to regenerate faster therefore sealing up the incision site quickly.

Alford Avenue Veterinary Hospital uses the Grady Medical Laser System, which is one of the leading manufacturers of veterinary equipment on the market. This system is able to adjust to a specific patient’s needs as well as provide quality treatments every session. We are pleased to offer state of the art equipment and exceptional service on all levels at our hospital.